Poetry &c.

Poems and so on which I particularly like or find meaningful go here.

I virtually always have some fragment of some song stuck in my head. When it isn’t a randomly chosen verse of American Pie, that fragment tends to be one of these:

Tin soldiers and Nixon comin

We’re finally on our own

This summer I hear them drummin

Four dead in Ohio

-Ohio (Neil Young)

Everybody’s comin home for lunch these days

Last night there were skinheads on my lawn

Take the skinheads bowling

Take them bowling

– Take the Skinheads Bowling (Camper Van Beethoven)

I always wanted to be an apostle

And I knew that I could make it if I tried

And when we retire then we’ll write the gospels

So they’ll still talk about us when we die

– The Last Supper (from Jesus Christ Superstar), slightly misquoted


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